Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Administrators Re-elected

ATCU Administrators Re-elected
Communication Department, ATCU

On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Pastors Leonard Johnson and Peter Kerr, and Elder Roderick Sands were re-elected as president, executive secretary, and treasurer, respectively, of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) during the year-end meetings of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) held at the division’s headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, newly re-elected president of ATCU, expressed gratitude to God on behalf of his fellow administrators for the opportunity to serve the union for another term.

“As we reflect on the first term, 2010 to 2015, we acknowledge that it was a learning experience as we were all new to serving at the union level. However, we were able to navigate the unchartered waters with the tremendous support given to us by the leadership of the Inter-American Division headed by Pastor Israel Leito who made himself available by phone and email no matter where he was in the world,” said Pastor Johnson. “Additionally, my colleagues and I were committed to prayer, and this along with the aforementioned enabled us to experience a measure of success.”

When asked about his plans for the union for the next five years, Pastor Johnson pointed to two foci: the mission of the church and total member involvement.

"Regularly, I seek to remind myself and colleagues about the reason for our existence which is to advance the mission of the church in the context of the three angels’ message of Revelation 14. So, whether we write, produce video programs, or sponsor various initiatives and training, they are all informed by this fact of mission," stated Pastor Johnson. "Also,” he continued, “we are committed to an initiative of the General Conference called total member involvement (TMI) which seeks to get every member involved in doing something to advance the mission of the church. Hopefully, these emphases will lend to a greater sense of unity, facilitate financial, spiritual, and membership growth, help to establish an additional field, and facilitate a change of status for the Turks and Caicos Islands field."

At the same meetings, the administrators for eleven other unions within IAD were also elected. Because ATCU, which was officially organized on November 29, 2010, is a union mission, the officers are elected by the next higher organization which, in this instance, is the IAD.

The next step is the choosing of the departmental directors, the members of the union executive committee, and the officers for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission. This all will be done at the
Second Quinquennial Session of ATCU which will be held at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fifth Terrace, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas during December 6 – 7, 2015.
The three administrators of ATCU were initially selected to serve the new union on Thursday, June 24, 2010, during the 59th General Conference Session held in Atlanta, Georgia. Hence, during the upcoming union session, a complete stewardship of the union’s five first years will be presented through the various reports from both administrators and departmental directors.
ATCU, which is headquartered in Nassau, The Bahamas, comprises four fields, namely, the Cayman Islands Conference, the North Bahamas Conference, the South Bahamas Conference, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission. In addition, Northern Caribbean University, which is located in Mandeville, Jamaica, is jointly owned and operated by ATCU and the Jamaica Union.