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GYD celebrated in ATCU

Global Youth Day celebrated in ATCU
Communication Department, ATCU

It was estimated by the youth department of the Adventist world church that more than 8 million young people from around the world participated in the second annual Global Youth Day held on Sabbath, March 15, 2014.

In the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), Adventist young people left the confines and comfort of a Sabbath worship service and took to the streets, communities, towns and shopping districts to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Wearing t-shirts imprinted with the words “Be the Sermon,” Adventist youth preached the sermon that day though various acts of service and ministry. Some of the projects included:

Giving out bread, soup, food items, clothing, and books at churches, homes, hospitals, police stations, and wherever people were found.

Distributing bottles of water, specially labelled with spiritual messages, to residents and visitors in the main town areas.

Visiting with and praying for the elderly and those who were ill at home or in the hospital.

Conducting health screening at various sites.

Hosting short spiritual rallies at community parks.

To conclude the day of service, Adventist youth gathered at various locations throughout the ATCU territory.

In the Cayman Islands, the day’s activities culminated with a huge youth rally at the football field in North Side, Grand Cayman.

On the Island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, there was a float parade that ended at the Graceway IGA Supermarket where the young people participated in a flash mob.

Two mega rallies were held In the North Bahamas Conference. One was held in Abaco where all the churches assembled at Sandy Point to impact that community. On Grand Bahama, the youth of the conference, met at the Government Complex in Freeport and marched to the Freeport Church where a grand concert was held in the parking lot

In Rawson Square, downtown Nassau, the youth department of the South Bahamas Conference hosted a concert, ministering to the residents and visitors through song and drama.

Pastor Andrew Burrows, ATCU youth director, gave brief remarks and offered the prayer on behalf of the youth at the concert in Rawson Square. He stated that while the activities of the second annual global youth day might have ended, the work of youth ministry and the acts of service by our young people continue every day.