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One Million Reasons

Reaching the great cities with the gospel continues to be a challenge all around the world and for this reason, the church has made great efforts to implement communication strategies to carry out massive impact in big cities like Mexico City. This was the main emphasis during Inter-America’ annual program coined as Vision One Million, which seeks to bring one million visitors during one Sabbath in the year and which will result in at least one million new members into the church at the end of the quinquennium.
The program this year was held from Arena Ciudad de Mexico where more than 18,000 people gathered to witness the program produced for television and transmitted live through Esperanza TV, Hope Channel, 3ABN and 3ABN Latino, thanks to the participation of the Division’s communication department, Mexico’s Inter-Oceanic and Central Unions and Montemorelos University.
Each person who attended an Adventist Church for the first time, who attended the different auditoriums in Mexico and in other countries, and each person who viewed the live program on television or through the Internet, are reasons to invest in evangelism and in communication.
There are one million reasons and more.
One Million Reasons