Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU’s Mid-Year Meetings to be held in Freeport, Grand Bahama

By: Communication Department, ATCU

From May 31, to June 5, 2013, the Atlantic Caribbean will hold its mid-year meetings in Freeport Grand Bahama, in the North Bahamas Conference. According to Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ATCU, this will be the first time that the mid-year meetings will be held in another field outside of the union’s headquarters.
One of the highlights of the mid-year meetings is the annual symposium. During this time, the four fields in ATCU along with Northern Caribbean University will be given the opportunity to present their reports to the constituents of ATCU. All members are invited to attend the symposium which begins on Friday, May 31, at 7:00 pm at the Freeport Seventh-day Adventist.

Another feature of this year’s meeting will be the Inter-American Division’s Leadership and Professional Development. According to Pastor Braham, one of the seminar presenters and the Leadership Coordinator for IAD, “the mission of the office of leadership development in the Inter-American Division is to develop high performance, competent leaders who are committed to achieving excellence and inspiring unity, growth, quality of life and discipleship, emulating servant leadership characteristics as modeled by Jesus” Pastor Braham, further explains that the seminar and workshops will cover two broad area General Leadership Development Courses [GLD] and Practical Leadership Development courses [PLD]. The leadership development program is designed to cover five [5] modules, with one module being offered at the Union level each year.

The leadership development aspect of this year’s meeting will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 4 and 5. Other aspects of the mid-year meetings include; Officers and directors meeting, and union executive committee meeting. The union executive meeting will be held on Monday, June 3. While there, the committee members will attend the North Bahamas Conference Session which is scheduled for Saturday evening June 1, and Sunday June 2.