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ATCU Committee Votes Health and Ministerial Initiatives for 2015

ATCU Committee Votes Health and Ministerial Initiatives for 2015
Communication Department, ATCU

The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) concluded its year-end meetings on Thursday, November 6, 2014, at the Breezes hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. The annual meetings brought together committee members from the four fields of ATCU to receive reports and vote plans for the work of the Adventist church in the Atlantic Caribbean region.

As a spring board for the union-wide health focus projected for 2015, Dr. Joseph Evans, a well-known Bahamian neurologist and lay member in the South Bahamas Conference, during his devotional message on Thursday morning, spoke about the link between preaching and living the health message and fulfilling the mission of the Adventist church: proclaiming the three angels’ messages.

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“Seventh-day Adventist health professionals must be encouraged to recognize that our health message should accompany the three angels’ messages,” said Dr. Evans. He further stated that for the pastors, health training should parallel their theological training.

Shirline Henriques, health ministries director for ATCU, in promoting the health thrust for next year, declared that some aspect of the health message needs to be addressed every week in the Adventist churches of ATCU.

Mrs. Henriques then shared with the committee the community-based program “I Want to Live Healthy” that will be implemented in 2015. The plan involves the training of members so that they will be able to effectively engage and empower the community to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. The plan calls for the distribution of health surveys and commitment forms to the homes in the various communities.

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“After eight weeks, the residents ought to form some healthy habits and see some improvement in their health,” Mrs. Henriques said.

In addition, Sabbath April 18, 2015, is being designated as World Impact Day, with a mass distribution of the missionary book of the year. Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary and publishing director for ATCU, explained that on this day, each member will be encouraged to invite a friend to church and present a copy of the missionary book of the year,
Health and Wellness, to him or her.

The executive committee also voted to adopt 2015 as the Year of Pastor. Pastor Leonard Johnson, president and ministerial secretary of ACTU, shared several objectives for this emphasis: 1) to focus on the continued training of all pastors in the union; 2) to equip each minister with the Logos Bible software; and 3) for the more experienced pastors to assist in mentoring the younger pastors and interns.

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However, according to Pastor Johnson, the focus will not be on the pastor alone.

“The entire family, including the spouse and children, is important. Hence, the Day of the Pastor, which is scheduled for October 24, 2015, will be celebrated as the Day of the Pastoral Family,” Pastor Johnson said.

During the two-day meetings, committee members viewed a number of reports from the four fields of ATCU, Northern Caribbean University, and the different departments and ministries. In addition, the calendar of events for 2015, which highlights the major initiatives and special days for the union, was finalized and accepted.

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