Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Set to Begin Year-end Meetings

ATCU Set to Begin Year-end Meetings
Communication Department, ATCU

The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) will hold its annual year-end meetings from Sunday, November 10 to Tuesday, November 12, 2013.   The meetings will be held in Nassau, Bahamas at the Breezes Hotel on Monday and on Tuesday at the union headquarters on Gladstone Road.  Additionally, the union administrators will have pre-meetings with the field administrators on Sunday, November 10 at the union office.  

One of the highlights of this year’s meetings is the viewing of the reports from the four fields within ATCU.    Other aspects will be the various presentations on leadership.

Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary and publishing director of ACTU, indicated that one of the items that will be presented is the new publishing policy which is being recommended by the world church.

"The new publishing policy is a deliberate effort of the church to recapture the passion of the colporteur ministry and literature evangelism. It will affect the various Adventist Nutrition and Book Centers throughout ATCU, every local church, and every member," he explained.

Another key item on the agenda will be the presentation of 2014 as the Year of Non-formal Education throughout the Inter-American Division (IAD). According to the initiative’s RoadMap, the document which explains the program in detail, the year is dedicated to the non-formal education of the laity and pastors within IAD.

It is anticipated that all plans and projections for the union for the next year will be presented, discussed, and voted.   Over 30 committee members and other invitees will be a part of these annual meetings.