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ATCU Begins Year of the Laity with Lay Training

By: John Garcia/ATCU

“We must separate the unholy from the holy,” said Pastor Samuel Telemaque, associate Sabbath School and personal ministries director of the Inter-American Division. “We must get rid of things like malice, hatred, homosexuality and fornication so that our minds can be opened to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.”
Speaking to over a hundred representatives from the churches in the South Bahamas Conference who had gathered at the Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Global Mission Center of Influence (GMCI) to participate in the first of a three-day Personal Ministries Training hosted by the Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Telemaque applauded ATCU for being the first in Inter-America to launch a program celebrating the Year of the Laity.

He explained that recognizing when persons are open to receiving the Word of God is key to effective evangelism. Times of crisis, uncertainty, hopelessness and insecurity are some examples of points in the lives people when they would be more receptive to the word of God.

Pastor Telemaque closed by presenting the structure of an evangelistic sermon whose seven stages are attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, action, appeal, and call. Using Romans 5, he demonstrated how such a chapter can be preached in an evangelistic campaign to win souls for Christ. Members repeated the demonstration in groups as young and old preached their first sermon and were evaluated and assessed by Pastor Telemaque.

Classes do not end without an assignment. Everyone was asked to bring a one-page sermon on Romans 5 using the theme One Man to the next session.

Planned by the personal ministries department of ATCU under the direction of Pastor Al Powell and hosted by the personal ministries department of the South Bahamas Conference under the directorship of Dr. Wilfred Adderley, the lay training sessions are facilitated by Pastor Samuel Telemaque. They began on Thursday, January 10, 2013 and will conclude on Sabbath, January 12. The objectives of the weekend are as follows:

1. The deployment of one hundred lay preachers in evangelistic campaigns.

2. Equipping three hundred lay Bible workers with skills to clinch three major decisions.

3. Equipping lay witnesses with skills to do personal witnessing and train others to do personal witnessing.

4. Equipping a cadre of global mission pioneers to do church planting in 2013-2014.

5. Enlist and train Sabbath School leaders with skills to do Sabbath School evangelism.

6. Equipping pastors and elders with skills for mobilizing and leading the church into evangelism.

The seminars are open to lay preachers, lay Bible workers, Sabbath School superintendents, pastors, elders, and members.

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Photo: John Garcia/ATCU

Pastor Samuel Telemaque, IAD's Associate Personal Ministries Director, during the Lay Training at the
Agape S.D.A. Church, January 10, 2013

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Photo: John Garcia/ATCU

Lay members participate in the demonstration during the Lay Training at the Agape S.D.A. Church, January 10, 2013