Atlantic Caribbean Union

ACUM Welcomes Dr. Jaime Castrejon, president of IATS

The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the union’s headquarters on Gladstone Road, New Providence, Bahamas. Pastors and field leaders from the fields outside of New Providence will join the session via Webex.

Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president of ACUM noted that Dr. Castrejon was invited to the union to share with the ministers the opportunities available for further studies through IATS. According to the Inter-American website, IATS was started in 1996. It received full accreditation of its doctoral and master’s degree programs from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in August 2011.

Presently IATS has 10 sites located in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Venezuela. Pastor Israel Leito, president of the Inter-American Division explained that the “vision for IATS was to have our ministers study in our territory, in our environment in Inter-America, addressing the local needs, learning to work in their environment so that their education and work place became one,"

The upcoming session will benefit greatly the ministers of ACUM.