Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Launches Prayer Initiative 2013

By: Andrew Burrows/Communications Dept.

Earlier this year, the Inter-American Division (IAD) launched its Constant in Prayer spiritual revival program at El Palacio de los Deportes in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. During that event, Pastor Israel Leito, president of IAD, stated that the church in Inter-America has always been identified as a church that prays. He also shared the purpose of the initiative.
“We have this revival event today to thank the Lord, to tell the Lord that we want to be a people ready for His coming, and tell the world that we are a church that is constant in prayer and will remain so.”

With this same focus, the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), from its inception just over two years ago, encouraged all members and congregations to be constantly praying. During 2012, the ATCU Prayer Initiative focused on the various churches and institutions within the union’s four fields as well as Northern Caribbean University.

As we approach 2013, Pastor Peter Kerr, prayer coordinator for ATCU, emphasized that prayer is still a vital part of the church and is critical to the spiritual growth of each individual member.

Therefore, given the importance of maintaining a relationship with Christ through prayer, ATCU will launch its 2013 Prayer Initiative on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference. The theme for the upcoming Prayer Initiative is “Pray Until Something Happens (P.U.S.H.).”

So that all the fields within ATCU can be a part of the launch, the event will be streamed live on the internet. Each field will identify a site where members can assemble so that they can be a part of the service. For information regarding this, please check with your local pastor.