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ATCU Fulfills Mission through Public Evangelism

ATCU Fulfills Mission through Public Evangelism
Communication Department, ATCU


“Public evangelism has been a stable part of the evangelistic process in the Seventh-day Adventist church from its inception…In the twenty- first century God still uses it mightily around the world—from large stadium evangelistic meetings to small church meetings.” These are the sentiments of Russell Burrill, retired director of the North American Division Institute of Evangelism, expressed in the preface of his book
Reaping the Harvest.


As a testament to Burrill’s statements, indeed God is working through the members of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) as they remain committed to the union’s mission to proclaim the gospel to the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. For throughout the union’s territory, numerous campaigns are being held – from large citywide tent meetings to local church crusades.
Both the South and North Bahamas Conferences are presently engaged in major citywide big tent evangelistic meetings. The Mission to the City, Nassau Experience is being conducted just opposite the Government High School in New Providence. Evangelist for the meetings, Peter Joseph, who also serves as executive secretary of the South Bahamas Conference (SBC), is proclaiming the gospel under two large tents erected specifically for this occasion. He explains that launching an evangelistic offensive on the city of Nassau at this time is a necessity.

“The mounting woes of city life now come face to face with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and people are experiencing joy, peace, grace, love and hope.”

Evangelist Claudius Morgan, guest evangelist from the East Caribbean Conference, is presently conducting the Good News Gospel crusade under the big tent in the Garden Villas community in the heart of Freeport, Grand Bahama, the Bahamas. On Sabbath afternoon, September 13, members from the North Bahamas Conference along with the evangelist distributed scores of baskets filled with much needed grocery items to the residents in the community.

“This is holistic evangelism, meeting the needs of the people as well as sharing the good news of the gospel,” commented Morgan.

During September, the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission (TCIM) engaged in three local church crusades. Pastor Jose Torres of the North Dominican Conference preached at the Hope in Jesus crusade that was held at the Filadelfia Spanish Church in Providenciales. The crusade, which concluded on Sabbath September 13, saw three precious souls accepting Christ and being baptized. Pastor Anastacia Bansie, pastor for the local church, commented on the impact to the church members.

“The meetings were power-packed. We really appreciated the way the evangelist taught the messages each night,” she said.


Local church crusades are also being conducted at the Antioch church on the island of Grand Turk and the Five Cays church in Providenciales. What is unique about the crusade being conducted by Five Cays SDA church is that it is being held at the New Jerusalem Baptist church in Kew Town as a result of the request and generosity of its pastor, Serdinand Toussaint. Elder Osais Joseph, who was chosen as ATCU’s lay evangelist for the year in 2012, is the evangelist for the meetings.

The Cayman Islands Conference is preparing to launch the Message of Hope Gospel Crusade on November 8. The crusade will be held at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist church. Elder Erika Puni, stewardship director for the Adventist world church, will be the speaker.