Atlantic Caribbean Union

Carlos Cima, Vice-President of Finance at UNADECA Visits ACUM

Elder Cima made presentations to the pastors of the South Bahamas Conference at the conference office, the teachers and staff of Bahamas Academy at the school, and to the general membership at a special meeting at Count Down to End Gospel Crusade. In his presentations, he highlighted the “Centro De Idiomas” or the Spanish Program Learning Center at the Adventist University of Central America.

During the course of the presentation, it was noted that in ACUM there is a growing population of Spanish speaking persons living and working in our countries. According to the various web-sites of the fields within ACUM, there are several Spanish speaking congregations throughout the territory. For instance, in Providenciales, Turks and Cacios there is the Filidelfia Seventh-day Adventist church. In the Cayman Islands, there are two Spanish speaking churches, the Bethel and Fildelfia Seventh-day Adventist churches. In addition, Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference informed the participants of plans to establish a Spanish speaking congregation in 2013. Generally, it was remarked that learning to speak Spanish (or another language) will not only benefit the individual's personal development but will also help in the mission of the church.

Elder Cima explained that UNADECA offers a flexible class schedule which allows you time to explore the country and interact with both English and Spanish speaking students. UNADECA is the Seventh-day Adventist University in Costa Rica. It is one of thirteen universities throughout the Inter-American Division. The Spanish program at UNADECA is offered year round. More information can be obtained from the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission or the conference offices throughout ACUM.