Field News

An Independent Bahamas

I recall the exuberance and the exhilaration as we patiently waited on Clifford Park on July 10, 1973, exactly...

Union News

Adventist World Radio to Conduct Cell Phone Evangelism Training in ATCU

During November 2023, Adventist World Radio (AWR) will train hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists in the Atlantic Caribbean region to use ...

World News

Adventist Historian Traces Church’s Passion for Religious Freedom

Should Seventh-day Adventists fight for the right to be free to worship God according to conscience?

Upcoming Events this Month


3-9: Family Unity Week of Prayer
5-10: World Youth Leadership Congress (Online)
24-27: SeLD Conference
27: Council for Union Ministerial Secretaries (Online)
9: Family Unity Day of Prayer
16: Pathfinder Day
17-23: IAD’s Health Week of Prayer
30: ATCU Bible Connection


Pray Until Something Happens

Weekly Prayer Focus

3-9: Female and Child Preachers
10-16: ADRA Bahamas and ADRA International
17-23: Refugees

Voices with Pastor Terry Tanis and Mikaela Colley