Health Ministries Department

Hazel Fletcher


The mission of the health ministries department of the Atlantic Caribbean Union is to minister to people holistically (encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs) according to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Goal: Evangelism through prayer, prevention, practice, and proclamation.

Aim: Every church a wellness center for health, healing, and wholeness, where men and women can be educated to make informed choices, leading to healthier lifestyle habits so that our bodies become temples where the Holy Spirit can be manifested with great power.

Motto: “Transform Me Lord So That Healthy Living Begins With Me.”

Objectives: The objectives of the health ministries department are

  1. To promote, in preparation for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ, physical, mental, social, and spiritual health at each level of our organization and our institutions.
  2. To research and identify links to health information and promotional materials available for the growth and development of our membership, and prepare educators and promoters of health in our churches.
  3. To enlist administrators, church leaders, and members to make personal commitments to practice healthy lifestyle habits as designed in the 10 laws of health so that they may enjoy optimal health and churches can be known as wellness centers.
  4. To make recommendations and provide advice to directors and leaders in the development of health programmes, policies, and operational processes.
  5. To provide training in health promotional programmes such as fitness and wellness programmes as well as stop smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, and addiction recovery programmes.
  6. To facilitate training in preparation for health evangelism ministry.
  7. To promote the formation of and strengthen the current Adventist health professional associations within this union, encouraging each person to have as a priority in their lives to give testimony of the teaching of Adventist health principles.
  8. To support conferences and churches in outreach and inreach activities such as health expos, health rallies, and marches.
  9. To promote interdepartmental collaboration on health ministries’ programmes in an integrated manner.
  10. To promote an integrated approach to the teaching of health in the curriculum throughout all Seventh-day Adventist schools and Northern Caribbean University.
  11. To work with governmental and non-governmental organizations in promoting health without compromising the unique beliefs and standards of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The health ministries department of the Atlantic Caribbean Union does not train anyone to diagnose or treat any illness, disorder, or health problem and cannot be held responsible for any decision made by readers of the website. Always consult a physician or health care provider before beginning any nutritional or exercise programme.