Adventist World Radio to Conduct Cell Phone Evangelism Training in ATCU

By Henry R. Moncur III | ACTU Communication

During November 2023, Adventist World Radio (AWR) will train hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists in the Atlantic Caribbean region to use their cell phones to reach thousands of people with the gospel.  The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) expects to see its 27,000 members, especially its young people, making a positive impact though this innovative means.

AWR will conduct training in four cities of ATCU, culminating with a week-long revival series in Nassau, Bahamas, November 19-25, 2023, when it is anticipated that many lives will be transformed by the Word of God.

Peter Kerr, president of ATCU, acknowledged the significance of the training in carrying forward the mission of the church.  “We want our members to put their faith into action.  We want them to be salt and light in our world, and cell phone evangelism helps them do just that.  They get to impact our region and the world and advance the mission of the church in sharing the gospel of the three angels’ message,” he said.

With over 3.5 billion people having a cell phone, the opportunities to connect with people abound.  Many people are connected to social media, the internet, and their cell phones and are searching for something that they feel is missing.  Seen as an effective tool to help reach others for Jesus, no matter how difficult the times, cell phone evangelism is tailormade for the digital world today.  The concept was birthed by AWR as a way to connect people in their search for answers to their many questions during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when much of society was shut down.

According to AWR, “Cell phone evangelism is sending inspirational audio messages to people on their cell phones; and secondly, it is connecting people with a cell phone evangelist, someone who can be their friend, take their prayer requests, and answer their Bible questions.”  It furthers the reach of the gospel and impacts the lives of many.

Cell phone evangelism is for everyone.  All one needs is a cell phone and a love for Jesus.  Through cell phone evangelism training, members can proclaim the gospel right from their own homes.

Training weekends will be as follows:

November 3-5, 2023 – George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

November 7 and 14, 2023, Nassau, The Bahamas  

November 10-12, 2023 – Freeport, The Bahamas  

November 17-19, 2023 – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

The training will help members become cell phone evangelists and provide valuable resources that will assist in sharing messages of hope with many people in a way that allows for spiritual growth, all via tools available for most cell phones.

With a membership of 27,352, ATCU, which is headquartered in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas, comprises four fields, namely, the Cayman Islands Conference, the North Bahamas Conference, the South Bahamas Conference, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Conference.  In addition, Northern Caribbean University, which is in Mandeville, Jamaica, is jointly owned and operated by ATCU and the Jamaica Union.